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کارت خوان مایفر Dragon Duali

کارت خوان مایفر Dragon Duali
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کارت خوان مایفر با تکنولوژی NFC دارای SAM

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Dragon is a contactless cards interface device which supports ISO14443 A/B, Mifare series, Felica and NFC (ISO18092) protocol at the same type. It, also, supports Contact cards (1 X SIM type slots) which comply with ISO 7816 for secured data transmission. Especially, with its NFC manager package, it supports software engineers to develop variety of applications based on NFC technology

USB 2.0(12Mbps)
ISO 14443 A /B, Mifare, DESFire, FeliCa, ISO 18092
NFC forum tag type 1~4, NFC P2P
Contactless speed 106/212/424/847kbps, up to 424kbps for NFC P2P
Certification CE, FCC, NFC Forum certified, RoHS complaint
  • NFC device/ Tag management System
  • NFC payment/ non-payment system
  • Contactless card management system
  • PC/SC (USB) Mode
  • Compact and simple design for easy carry and use
Easily upgradeable download of the latest firmware
  • Special SDK(NFC Manager) for NFC developer

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