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ریدر DE-620

ریدر DE-620
مشاهده تصوير سايز كامل

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با طراحی باریک و مدرن با ثبات و با عملکرد بالا، سازگار با مختلف از جمله کارت، برچسب ها، دانگل، بند و تلفن همراه NFC

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DE-620 is a NFC-enabled multiprotocol contact/contactless card interface device with modern slim design. It shows stable and high performance, fully interoperable with other devices supporting various contactless/contact applications such as cards, tags, dongles, wristband and NFC mobiles.


Interface USB 2.0

ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 18092 (NFC), Mifare, DESFire, FeliCa

NFC forum tag type 1~4, NFC P2P
Contactless speed 106/212/424/847kbps, up to 424kbps for NFC P2P
Contact Card Interface 1 ID + 1 SAM slot (SIM type, ISO7816, T=0, T=1)
Certification CE, FCC, Telec certified, RoHS complaint


Identification System

  Card Issuing System

Card Operating System Development

NFC/ e-Payment System


Combines ISO 7816 contact and ISO 14443 contactless within one device

PC/SC compliant, Proprietary Mode

DUALi SDK, FDK available for Easy Development

Easily upgradeable download of the latest firmware

Special SDK(NFC tag Manager) for NFC developer

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